Heidi's Story...

UDATE: While Heidi's weightloss is almost complete, she still faces a long road ahead of her. Because of the immense weight, she has had major damage done to her joints which causes her to walk with a limp. She also has an excessive amount of loose skin. This can cause blood poisoning and skin diseases so it will need to be removed.

We are trying to raise monetary assistance for her surgery and are asking for your help. Click on the box below to make a secure donation to help contribute to getting this girl back to a normal beagle life! Note: Proceeds received that exceed the cost of Heidi's surgery will be donated to Beagles of New England States (B.O.N.E.S.) Heidi and her family thank you for your interest in her progress!

Heidi started out in life with a rough couple of years. She found her way to B.O.N.E.S. from a very small rescue organization in Queens, NY that saved her from an abusive owner who had no time for her and was literally feeding her to death to keep her quiet. She was crated almost 24 hours a day. When the rescue picked her up she weighed in at a whopping 120 pounds and could not move on her own! Within two months they had her down almost 40 pounds and while she did tire out when she walked or tried to run, she was at least somewhat mobile. However, that organization does not normally deal with beagles and their unique traits and sought out a beagle-specific rescue organization to ask for help--fortunately, this led them to B.O.N.E.S..

Heidi officially entered B.O.N.E.S. on November 23, 2008 when her foster family met the Queens rescue folks to pick her up. Not having seen any pictures of her previously and only being told what her weight was, what a shock to see this sweet little girl buried in all this fat. It was a two-person effort to lift her into the SUV and back down again. However, that has so far been the most difficult part of having her around -- getting her in and out of a vehicle. Her foster family snapped some pictures of her arrival day so you can see what they saw when they picked her up. They're posted in the picture gallery and are dated 11/23/2008.

Just a couple of days after arriving in foster care, Heidi was given a thorough workup and blood tests at the vet. Quite surprisingly, she has just a couple of minor health issues as a result of her weight, but is an otherwise healthy three-year-old beagle girl! Well...except that her official first weigh-in was 82 pounds. Her foster home kept the same strict diet that she was on at her previous rescue and she did GREAT on it. She went in for a weigh-in on December 11 and had already lost 6 pounds! See the chart to the left--it is being kept updated as her weight loss progresses.

Personality-wise, you could not find a sweeter girl. She LOVES head scratches and back rubs and is very affectionate in return (you'll know when she's "adopted" you as her own). She is content just to be in the same room with her family, and once you get used to her snoring and snorting (which sounds relatively like a pig snort), she is very little trouble. She even has the most adorable little beagle low howl that was captured (see the video link above) -- it is guaranteed to make you laugh and go "awwww" at the same time.

Heidi was adopted in May, 2009 by a wonderful family and is living the good life in Massachusetts.

In the pictue gallery section, there are pictures from various dates since her arrival that show her progress. You can see a little more "ground clearance" under her belly and she is moving around a lot more than in the beginning. Also, her head doesn't look as disproportionately small as it did when she first arrived--she is looking more beagle-like all the time!

Look around Heidi's website and check out all the special features...and please visit Heidi's guest book and send her some words of encouragement on her weight loss journey as well as her discovery of what it's like to be part of a family and a pet pack.